Custom Mesh Preview is utility made for Unity which for every GameObject with a MeshFilter and a MeshRenderer attached, will display a preview window with information such as triangle count, number of sub-meshes, pivot position etc. Also it has a separate tab for showing the UV Map. It contains functions for moving the model pivot to the centre or to the ground.

The challenging part when creating this preview utility was to find a way to draw the UV lines fast. At first I have been using GL class (a Unity low-level graphics library) along with a custom drawing library, but since I was using GL.Lines a lot, the editor was freezing so this utility was unusable. In the end I did the entire drawing using a shader for placing the UVs and a geometry function for drawing the wire-frame.

Mesh Preview Utility is part of a bigger set of utilities for unity that I made during my summer internship at The University of Hull’s Logistics Institute, which was used for developing a vessel tracking application.

You can get the utility from github.