This project is my team’s entry for the ”Three Thing Game Jam” competition held at the University of Hull. ”The Three Thing Game” rules require  that every team receives 3 words that should be used in the design of the game. Our words were tavern, alcohol and caution. Therefore, we have made a game set into a tavern full of wine bottles where you have to kill all the other players. Also, you have to be careful, as in case you throw a grenade, the server will crash (this is how we used the word caution).

The game is built using Unity with Photon Networking plugin, the environment made use of my Lego Shader, all the models were made using Magica Voxel. The team was made of 4 people, I was managing the technical part and I was also the main programmer. My responsibilities were to implement all the gameplay features and to work with my teammates. Thus, I have specified some design requirements for the models in order to be compatible with my shader.