I decided to make this ArchViz for a mountain villa because I was always amazed by the projects of other people. I also wanted to try 3Ds Max for a long time and this seemed like a good oportunity. The original ideea was to have the project in Unreal Engine 4, but then the complexity of the model grew a lot so I decided is better to keep in 3Ds Max and also render it with VRay. Even tought I had a blockout model made inUE4 I decided to make a proper 2D design layout in AutoCAD which was later used in 3Ds Max as a base foundation. Deciding to stick to a static rendered model helped a lot because I had to focus only on the design side without worrying too much about optimizations.

Besides 3Ds Max, I also used Substance Designer for making some materials such as the one for roof tiles. Houdini was also used for making the stonefloor for the terraces. Photoshop was used for some minor texture tweaking and postprocessing.

The original ideea was to spend only 6 weeks working on this in my spare time. However it took about 10 weeks in the end because most of the process was spent cutting the wood logs to fit on the walls. I managed to speed up the process a lot by using some pre-made assets for the outside furniture and foliage. The trees and grass have been placed using Forest Pack plugin. The interior is empty as of now and I have plans to complete it in the future.

Feel free to check below a few final renderes as well as some snapshots during the development process of this project.

Check the project on ArtStation.